Lost Your Phone? Do not Get Hooked: A Guide to Avoiding Phishing Pitfalls.

In an era where our lives are one with our smartphones, the high rate of increase of theft presents a twofold menace. From the daring exploits of home invaders to the skillful fingers of pickpockets in crowded spaces, the methods employed to snatch these technological lifelines vary widely.  

Oduma Solution plays hosts to cybersecurity industry experts

A team from the Cyber Security Authority (CSA) together with some international technical leads in the cyber security global ecosystem who were at the Global Conference on Cyber Capacity Building (GC3B) in Ghana have paid a courtesy call on Oduma Solutions Limited at their Corporate Head Office in Accra.

PECB signs a partnership agreement with Oduma Solutions Ltd

PECB, an ISO certification and training company, announced that they have recently signed a partnership agreement with Oduma Solutions Ltd.